What We Do

Need a rental machine for a party or business event?

Our rentals include a tabletop popcorn machine, a case of 24/10 ounce popcorn kits (which include popcorn, oil and butter salt) and 300 bags. A case of popcorn will pop approximately 250-300 servings. The rental price includes delivery and setup at your location, as well as picking up the machine when your event ends. (No cleaning of the machine is required for return)
3-day rental:$90

Interested in putting a machine at your business location, but you don't really want to buy one?

With our long-term placement program, we will set a machine at your location and let you keep it as long as you need it at no charge, as long as you purchase a minimum of 2 cases of popcorn per month from us. We also sell bags tubs, food trays, and boxes for you to serve the popcorn to your customers. Our placement program is very popular. We have customers in an amazing variety of industries who have remarkable success with our placement program. We are responsible for keeping the machines clean.  

Placement machine cost: minimum purchase of 2 cases of popcorn at $40/case, $80 per month (minimum)

3 different sizes of all-in-one popcorn kits

We sell 3 different sizes of all-in-one popcorn kits, which are convenient premeasured packs containing coconut oil, butter flavored salt and Fancy Farm popcorn. 36/8 oz. kits for 6-oz. poppers. These kits have 2 oz. oil, 6 oz. of corn, and are packaged in a case of 36.24/10 oz. kits for 8-oz poppers (our biggest seller). These kits have 2 oz. of oil, 8 oz. of corn, and are packaged in a case of 24..24/16 oz. kits for 12-oz poppers. These big kits have 4 oz. of oil, 12 oz. of corn, and come 24 to the case.